YeLOLow winner

4273452825_596c4b6d18_mSorry about that peeps, that was the sound of the town crier who just had his head taken off by a Sith Lord.But seriously now, we finally have a winner for the much anticipated Ye-LOL-ow theme competition.

This one was always going to be a difficult one for everyone to pick. There were so many great and funny designs and so many deserved to win. However in the end, as my good friend Connor MacLeod would say,” there can be only one”.

Congratulations to Dotnot for her force grippingly good design Who’s your daddy? She is our Ye-LOL-ow winner!

First off I have to say that I’m stoked that my bad juju has been broken for the time being. Who’s your daddy? is one of my top picks for the YeLOLow theme competition…and my second fav for the win.

Now now, before anybody says anything, the only reason it’s my second favourite is because I feel the Vader helm is pretty widely used, while El Lobo by Kakolak is rather unique.

Anyways I don’t really care, because as soon as Who’s your daddy? becomes available, I’m getting one.

Our YeLOLow winner deserves much respect!

Who’s your daddy? is one of those designs that just works. Not to mention it’s going to be selling like frigging hot cakes. So far Star Wars themes have a great track record here at

Our Star Wors design has been a massive hit and the local guys and girls can’t get enough of it….for good reason, it rocks!!!!

Another great aspect about Who’s your daddy? is the fact that it’s a design that both guys and girls can both pull off….sometimes there is a design that wins that I feel leans either towards guys or girls, like For our Children, which I think is rather “chicish”.

Who’s your daddy?, will rock in everyone’s wardrobes…even the Popes….errrr ok maybe not 😛

Voting has now started for our Down the Rabbit Hole theme competition. There are a truck load of design for this latest competition….so lots to vote and comment on. Some people have really pulled out the stops and made some beautiful designs. Show your support CLICK HERE to jump across to the voting gallery.

4137504243_3223fe90c8 (1)

The Enviro Mental theme competition is budding with some seriously cool natural designs. Very soon we will crown our top tree-hugging submission and start taking the votes for the Wright Stuff.

Man, time sure does fly when you are receiving top quality design!

It is now time however to cast our minds into the future and start summoning up our creative power for the last competition announcement for the year. The Ye-LOL-ow theme competition is coming up super soon.
It’s all about fun, gags and side splitting laughter, on a happy yellow canvas.

I reckon this theme suits the time period of the competition perfectly.

Even if we don’t want to admit it, the end of year rush is crazy busy and can cause us all a sleigh load of stress.
That is where the Ye-LOL-ow theme competition comes in.

The Ye-LOL-ow theme competition wants you, the designer, to not only come up with a clever design, but also a design that makes us laugh out loud.

I already have a few designers that I HOPE will enter the fray. Perhaps at the top of my list is Trabe, who always has a quirky funny design for us. Come on Trabe you better enter this one, ya hear me? 😉

TokyoGoGo also has a propensity for funny design. I’m sure he could whip up something insane in no time at all.

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