Emo’s…what are they?

Emo’s.Are they human? Do they breathe? Do they smile? The answer to all three is no.

This whole emo craze has taken over. Kids who used to be happy jungle gym climbing youngsters are now starting a revolution to make the whole world sad and emotional for no reason at all.

To start off, let me make it as clear as possible and state that I am not one of them and I will never ever be an emo. These people make me angry and I am not an angry person. Most of these emo’s come from good families and are just being emotional for no reason other than trying to attract attention. If my kid ever went emo, boy or girl, I would thrash all the emo out of them and child line would understand why I did it.

Emo’s are normally teenagers who have no reason to be sad but want to be depressed and hate the world. They continuously go on about how dark and unhappy their lives are. If they were really unhappy they would act on these feelings and get on with things. However, they don’t because all they are looking for is attention which is ridiculous.

Now, their appearance is another story. They normally have badly dyed black hair that has a cheap touch of ginger in it. Yes, I am being serious. It covers their eyes and is normally straightened. Extreme emo’s dye their hair every time they leave the house and because of this they have black nails. Now, imagine seeing your kid like this. It must be soul destroying. I would not wish this on my biggest enemy.

They wear tight, skinny jeans with either a hoodie or their favourite band t-shirt. They love having piercings. It must be cool in the emo world to have these piercings as it could reflect all the pain that they go through. Eyeliner is also a big hit with this lot and word from our undercover emo brother has it that red eyeliner is the must have accessory for this emo season.

Now that you know what an emo looks like don’t be surprised if your mom, brother or granny is one of them. They are growing in numbers and must be stopped.

As a big music fan, this one upsets me the most. That damn music they listen to is terrible, shocking in fact. Have you ever gone out and bought a song about how bad life is or wanting to commit suicide? You probably answered no. This is emo music. Man, I honestly can’t stand these kids

.Then we come to our last topic of emo’s probably the worst yet, Emo boys kissing one another, I have no Idea why they do this. They claim they aren’t gay, but they do it anyway. I think it has something to do with sensitivity.

Okay, so that’s about it. I forgot to add that these emotional kids tend to cry a lot and are super sensitive. So if you see one try not to crack them but rather greet them and ruin their week. It works, just try.


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