one time fashion show


It’s up, up and away into the wild blue yonder of fashion.

Get ready everyone for the first ever fashion show in the sky…well at least for a South African airline that is.

That’s right, just when you think fashion industry couldn’t get any more high, they decide to strap get engines to themselves and blast off across South Africa in a “high fashion” extravaganza.

1time airline is the low cost airline that has made the bold move of allowing models to traipse up and down the airplane aisles, whilst donning some of the brightest and out there designs of the South African Spring Collection.
1time is working in association with Fashion TV and Distell to bring to this wicked event.

Which two fashion labels have received the honour of the first ever fashion flight in South Africa?

Strangely I wasn’t surprised in the least when I found out it would be none other than Ed Hardy and Audigier, both of whom you can totally associate with colourful, bold and unique approaches to fashion.

As most of you will know the connection between Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier goes quite a long way, the reason they look so similar and have share the same type of bold colour is because Christian Audigier was the one who create and launch the now famous Ed Hardy fashion label, when he acquired the exclusive rights to the super cool Ed Hardy Tattoo designs.

So now it seems that 1time has now gotten these two labels together and will showcase something quite out of the ordinary for the South African Fashion industry.

1time airlines remarked that they wanted to provide something truly new and innovative for their passengers as well as the fashion industry as a whole, this is what they had to say:

“We wanted to provide the fashion industry with a new and innovative platform for showcasing their creations, and expose passengers to the latest fashions, further highlighting that at 1time we really do mean ‘more nice’ in every sense. One time has never enjoyed being a follower and setting trends comes naturally to us, this is but one of many innovations we have created and by all means not the last. We want people to realise that an airline isn’t supposed to be rigid and unfashionable, we aim to bring glamour back to the skies of our country, one fashion show at a time!”
Nice one 1time 🙂

It seems that quite a large number of celebrities, from all sectors, will be attending the fashion show to lend their support to the endeavour, which will most probably become a much more regular event for 1time in the near future.
Lets all hope for smooth sailing and zero turbulence, nobody likes to see beautiful people flying around the inside of a plane cabin with a look of sheer terror on their faces…it detracts from the atmosphere of the show.

What interests me is the logistics of the event:

Where will the models sit for takeoff, will the passengers see some of the designs before they even take off?
Where will they change? (maybe in the cockpit, lucky pilots)
Will there only be one set of clothes, how will 2 models pass side by side? (especially considering its a budget airline)
Will the plane be able to handle the usual raucous Ed Hardy style ramp style?
How long will the flight take, the usual 2 hours, or are they gonna take the seriously scenic route?

So would you like to attend the 1time fashion flight?
The flight takes place on the 1st of November 2008.
Tickets will cost you R3800 for a seat which includes a 5 star menu, an after party at Fashion TV Cafe and then a flight back to Johannesburg at 2am.

Well, let me just wish 1time and the fashion labels respectively the best of luck and I hope that you pull off a truly mega party up there in the glorious South African skies.

Models…no drinking before the show, don’t worry about nerves, worry about your sense of balance 😉
I hope to uncover a bit of info asap after the flight, so I can let you know how it all went down….or shall I say up…more up, less down 😛


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